Jenny Eldershaw. Still Potty.

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I make stuff out of clay. I also use string, fabric, sticks, seed pods, resin and chocolate. (I eat the chocolate to keep me going)

I had some training. It was supposed to be a proper college and a proper course but it was 1969-1974. I think I had a good time. I must have learned something. My eternal thanks go to John, the pottery tutor, who told me that there were no rules; just a few things to watch out for, like plaster in the clay and not joining stuff together enough. All good.

I have been potty on and off since then. Now I am fortunate enough to have a workshop in the house and a kiln in the basement.

This stuff is not marketed per se, but if you see something here you want to buy, email me and we'll sort it out.

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YES! I have carpet. It traps the dust. Mr. Vax deals with it.

ere ...

The Workshop.