Jenny Eldershaw

aka ligularian. Still Potty.


By ligularian, Apr 16 2018 03:35PM

The pretentious shit some people get up to never ceases to amaze me. This woman slathers clay all over rooms and then strips off and rolls about in it.

OMG and WTF?

By ligularian, Apr 16 2018 03:07PM

I haven't heard from Mr. Dobbs recently but when I do you'll see it here first.

By ligularian, Apr 16 2018 12:29PM

Well....a year since I added anything here. Now retired and SOOOO busy I have no time for anything!

Just a few moments to update this site with my mose recent stuff whilst we wait to see if the world still exists tomorrow.

By ligularian, Jan 24 2017 12:08PM

It's all change at Brierlow Bar Bookstore! I still work here at weekends. We have a new manager and a COFFEE BAR!