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Facebook Rant

By ligularian, Feb 3 2016 12:20PM

I went through my Facebook friends the other day, using another facebook account that is not connected in any way to my main account. You would not believe how many of my friends have totallty open accounts! No privacy at all!


Do you all.....and I mean YOU ALL....realise that your past history of posts could well include info regarding pets, children, parents, birth-places, schools, all of which are answers to security questions on many online sites......

AND AND how many of you answer such security questions honestly......Most of you, I expect.

You're just asking for trouble!

SO, I have closed my old FB account and opened a new one. Getting FB to delete my old data wasn't a hassle....I asked; they did. So now I have a new account and will only friend those of you sensible enough to put a bit of security on your pages. Them MY shared posts will stay private too.


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