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Had a bit of bother with Carphone warehouse.

By ligularian, Nov 26 2015 05:27PM

I wonder if they'll reply? #Notholdingmybreath

The Carphone Warehouse.

Po.Box 375,

Southampton, SO30 2PU

Dear Madam/Sir,

On the 13th. October this year I placed an online order with you for a nexus 6P, to be delivered by DPD on 22nd. October. The order number was 344047632.

I did not receive the promised confirmation email for an hour or so, and then three emails arrived at once; the confirmation, an email from Barclaycard Visa advising me that they had not allowed the payment as part of a routine fraud check and advising me to contact you to re-present my card, and an email from you saying that Barclaycard had refused payment. I telephoned customer services who acknowledged this delay, and said it had 'All gone through'. I asked for a second confirmation email which did not arrive.

A day or so later, I telephoned again to ask for confirmation a second time. Although the operative did confirm the order verbally, I received no further emails.

On 20th. October, I contacted you again by phone. I had been told that I would receive an email upon the despatch of the phone on the 21st. and a text from DPD giving me a delivery slot. I decided to phone again because of the non-arrival of the second confirmation email which I had been promised. I spoke to a nice young woman who gave her name as Holly. She explained that there was a big backlog of despatches for the Nexus 6p and I couldn't expect delivery until 26th, a date which causes problems for me because I will be away. I asked her directly if she could move my order forward to the 22nd, or at least this weekend, 24th and 25th. She offered to see what she could do and asked me to hold on. I waited for about 6 or 7 minutes and she came back to me to say that she had arranged for me to get my phone on the 22nd as originally agreed, and I would receive a despatch email and be contacted by DPD as you usually do. On no occasion did she say that the phones had not even arrived with you. On no occasion did she say delivery was not possible. Quite the contrary.

I was so impressed with her care and concern I confirmed her name, and decided to send a letter of thanks, and ask for her to be commended.

Today, I had not received the despatch email or DPD's text re. delivery, so I rang again and eventually spoke to Tebogo. He listened to my saga and said that the phones were not available until the beginning of next week; were delivered in order of reservation and that Holly was completely out of order telling me that I could have my phone today. Now, for a member of staff to directly criticise another's course of action means to me that there is a real problem somewhere there.

I decided to cancel the order because my confidence in anything anyone there told me had evaporated. Tebogo was confident and assured, but it's Carphone Warehouse that I no-longer trust. Cancelling was a nightmare. It took three operatives to do it, and nearly half an hour of phone time during which I was cut off twice. All credit to you, you did ring me back on my mobile to continue the cancellation and refund process and at one point I had Tebogo on my mobile at one ear and another operative on my landline on the other. Finally I have received confirmation of the cancellation by email, ref.KMM95100299V93858L0KM and I am waiting for a confirmation email regarding the refund to my credit card promised by the operative who processed this refund. The email says I will be refunded within 28 days. The operative says 5-8 working days. Another consensus.....

Now, I have to wait for these phones to actually land in a shop and go and buy one. I hate shops, and shopping centres.

I am not at all certain it will be your shop. Can you blame me?

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Jenny Eldershaw.

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