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By ligularian, Feb 3 2016 12:20PM

I went through my Facebook friends the other day, using another facebook account that is not connected in any way to my main account. You would not believe how many of my friends have totallty open accounts! No privacy at all!


Do you all.....and I mean YOU ALL....realise that your past history of posts could well include info regarding pets, children, parents, birth-places, schools, all of which are answers to security questions on many online sites......

AND AND how many of you answer such security questions honestly......Most of you, I expect.

You're just asking for trouble!

SO, I have closed my old FB account and opened a new one. Getting FB to delete my old data wasn't a hassle....I asked; they did. So now I have a new account and will only friend those of you sensible enough to put a bit of security on your pages. Them MY shared posts will stay private too.


By ligularian, Nov 26 2015 05:36PM

Nah. They didn't reply. I am going to send it again. I eventually decided to try installing All Access again the day before Kaspersky's free trial ran out. I had factory reset the Zoostorm and unstalled all the updates includinf W10. Guess wouldn't. this time McAfee did the right job and got it to install. apparently IE was corrupt.

When it came time to do the same with the Acer, the same problem manifested itself. IE was corrupt. McAfee techie sorted it this time too.

Whatever was wrong with them all in October?

By ligularian, Nov 26 2015 05:27PM

I wonder if they'll reply? #Notholdingmybreath

The Carphone Warehouse.

Po.Box 375,

Southampton, SO30 2PU

Dear Madam/Sir,

On the 13th. October this year I placed an online order with you for a nexus 6P, to be delivered by DPD on 22nd. October. The order number was 344047632.

I did not receive the promised confirmation email for an hour or so, and then three emails arrived at once; the confirmation, an email from Barclaycard Visa advising me that they had not allowed the payment as part of a routine fraud check and advising me to contact you to re-present my card, and an email from you saying that Barclaycard had refused payment. I telephoned customer services who acknowledged this delay, and said it had 'All gone through'. I asked for a second confirmation email which did not arrive.

A day or so later, I telephoned again to ask for confirmation a second time. Although the operative did confirm the order verbally, I received no further emails.

On 20th. October, I contacted you again by phone. I had been told that I would receive an email upon the despatch of the phone on the 21st. and a text from DPD giving me a delivery slot. I decided to phone again because of the non-arrival of the second confirmation email which I had been promised. I spoke to a nice young woman who gave her name as Holly. She explained that there was a big backlog of despatches for the Nexus 6p and I couldn't expect delivery until 26th, a date which causes problems for me because I will be away. I asked her directly if she could move my order forward to the 22nd, or at least this weekend, 24th and 25th. She offered to see what she could do and asked me to hold on. I waited for about 6 or 7 minutes and she came back to me to say that she had arranged for me to get my phone on the 22nd as originally agreed, and I would receive a despatch email and be contacted by DPD as you usually do. On no occasion did she say that the phones had not even arrived with you. On no occasion did she say delivery was not possible. Quite the contrary.

I was so impressed with her care and concern I confirmed her name, and decided to send a letter of thanks, and ask for her to be commended.

Today, I had not received the despatch email or DPD's text re. delivery, so I rang again and eventually spoke to Tebogo. He listened to my saga and said that the phones were not available until the beginning of next week; were delivered in order of reservation and that Holly was completely out of order telling me that I could have my phone today. Now, for a member of staff to directly criticise another's course of action means to me that there is a real problem somewhere there.

I decided to cancel the order because my confidence in anything anyone there told me had evaporated. Tebogo was confident and assured, but it's Carphone Warehouse that I no-longer trust. Cancelling was a nightmare. It took three operatives to do it, and nearly half an hour of phone time during which I was cut off twice. All credit to you, you did ring me back on my mobile to continue the cancellation and refund process and at one point I had Tebogo on my mobile at one ear and another operative on my landline on the other. Finally I have received confirmation of the cancellation by email, ref.KMM95100299V93858L0KM and I am waiting for a confirmation email regarding the refund to my credit card promised by the operative who processed this refund. The email says I will be refunded within 28 days. The operative says 5-8 working days. Another consensus.....

Now, I have to wait for these phones to actually land in a shop and go and buy one. I hate shops, and shopping centres.

I am not at all certain it will be your shop. Can you blame me?

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Jenny Eldershaw.

By ligularian, Nov 26 2015 05:25PM

Had a bit of bother with McAfee. They haven't replied to this. I wonder if they will......#Notholdingmybreath

McAfee HQ.

2821 Mission College Blvd.

Santa Clara,

CA 95054.

Dear Madam or Sir,

In April this year I purchased McAfee All Access (order CS 1519604990) to replace the single-licence security system I had purchased from another company a couple of weeks before for a new PC. During those two weeks I had been attacked by a trojan and blighted with malware, browser hi-jackers and pups which had got through their security. They granted me a refund but no explanation! (...And before I go on, I NEVER download from dodgy sites, ALWAYS save programmes and scan them before installation. I am not a techie but I have had PCs since 1995, and other computers before then. Just don't want you thinking I'm an idiot)

Despite your excellent record and service, the PC I had bought continued to be problematic but not through any fault on your part, leaving me wondering if the apocryphal tales of Chinese components being installed with built-in vulnerabilities was in fact true, or the attacks I had had before you arrived to protect me were festering away under the surface.

Bear with me here....I will get on with this all....

By early October I had had enough and did a full factory re-set. This is when my problems really begun. Now it's YOU guys I am talking about.

Tues. 6th. (evening) To Weds. 7th. October, 2015. Tried to reinstall All Access...(I'll call it AA for now). Unsuccessful. Phoned Customer Service, explained, and was connected remotely to an operative. He had not a clue what he was doing. I don't think he'd seen Windows 10 before. He fiddled about, and then the connection was ended abruptly. There were two phone calls from the number I had initially rung but both were silent. No-one spoke.

I installed AVG free as a temporary measure, in the FULL KNOWLEDGE it would have to be uninstalled before AA could be put on. (This has happened before and your staff have taken it off). Typed a detailed description of the state of play including the temporary AVG installation in notepad so I could cut and paste into the 'CHAT' help dialogue box to give the agent a clear and accurate status report, and contacted help again. This time the operative refused to help after he found AVG. I said I knew it had to go but wanted security while I was trying to sort this all out. He said he couldn't remove AVG and ended the chat conversation saying I'd have to get on to them (AVG) to remove it.

I removed AVG Free in about 2 minutes and asked for chat-help again.

(Here I'll say that I had run virtual technician, McAfee removal tool and pre-install already. I'm not daft!)

The next bloke cut the chat-help connection after about three minutes for no reason. I had barely explained the issue, ie. that I wanted to reinstall AA. All he said was that I had used up my licenses. I told him that I had not, and that two of the old PCs which had had McAfee in the past were now recycled and in landfill so could he remove their profiles from my account. That's when he vanished. At this time I wrote a detailed email to customer services explaining my situation and complaining...gently I assure you, and when I pressed 'send' I got a message saying that I couldn't email you, and I needed to contact customer services.

The last agent I spoke to took one look at my task manager and told me that I had a bad trojan called csrss.exe, and he couldn't help me. Then the chat box was terminated again. What do I know....I turned the PC off and disconnected it from everything.

After a discussion with Man I decided to buy a new PC and trotted off to PC World in Macclesfield returning with a new Acer Revo.

On my return Man said that he'd been online to check and csrss.exe is an important service when running in system32, and not a trojan although there are trojans with that name. The csrss.exe file on my PC was in System. But I had lost faith in that was cheap, could have been dodgy, didn't work very a Nice New one. Lovely.

Guess what came next? I tried to install AA on the Revo. And could I? No. I got the download link, and a passcode, began the installation from there and got as far as the initial, grey installation box with the progress bar and after telling me it was collecting info to start installation, it hung. For hours. I tried twice more to no avail, and so I contacted chat-help again.

The operative broke the chat connection almost immediately.

I installed Kaspersky 30-day trial.

Now, let us move on.

Yesterday, 19th. October, I decided to try again. I pay you £80 for AA and I didn't want to have to pay another £40 to Kaspersky when the trial ended.

I set about this as sensibly as I could. I removed Kaspersky using Revo Uninstaller and tidied the registry up. I then downloaded McAfee removal tool in case there were any 'Bits' left over. I cleared the temporary files and browsing history from Chrome, my default browser, and from IE and Edge, and re-set defaults.

I accessed my McAfee account and asked to download to this (new) PC and received the link and the passcode. I downloaded the installation files, clicked 'run' and the grey box opened. This time I got a download of something which promised to clean up my PC to facilitate an easy installation.

Nothing happened, soooooo.....

I contacted your chat-help again. He cleared my temp. files, my browsing history and reset IE to default. (It already was) he then told me to go ahead and install AA.

You KNOW what I am going to say now, don't you. You do.

It got as far as trying to clean up my system for an easy installation.....and hung.

I gave up and reinstalled the Kaspersky trial.

What's going on, McAfee? Why is this happening? In the past your agents have been fantastic. They have resolved every problem I brought before them One said he was going to, “Exert the maximum leverage to resolve my issue”....a phrase which made me smile and has passed into my family's usership since then for everything from finding lost spectacles to fixing the car.

After each session in the past I have received a questionnaire regarding the quality of the service. I have received none during this period. On the occasions detailed above the agent didn't even ask if there was anything else he could help me with....the connection was even terminated before I had fully outlined the issue on one occasion.

Do you put a bar on customers with difficult issues? Have I been blocked? Have you changed the service provider for your support network? Have I wasted nearly £80? Do you actually care about your customers and their needs?

I truly believe you need to answer these questions, and explain why a genuine customer with a valid licence for AA and a new PC cannot have the cover she has paid for, or the support she has been satisfied with in the past. I look forward to receiving a reply from you; if you wish to email rather than writing the email address (same as the one I use for McAfee) is at the head of this letter.

Yours faithfully,

Jenny Eldershaw.